Cranbury Schools and Library


Early in the history of Cranbury, reference is made to a Presbyterian Parochial School. In 1850 two district schools were organized; one known as the South Cranbury School and the other as Bunker Hill School. In 1896 a large brick school consolidated the two district schools. Over the years alterations gradually changed the appearance of the Old Schoolhouse which originally had separate entrances for boys and girls. The Old School, no longer housing students, now furnishes offices for the Township and Board of Education. In 1969 a new elementaryschool was dedicated. Today Cranbury high school students attend Princeton High School.

In 1865, Brainerd Institute opened to provide college preparatory courses for students, later became a home for the severely learning disabled, then a health sanitarium, and presently an apartment building.

On October 14, 2001 at 2:00 p.m., the Old School was rededicated as Cranbury's "Town Hall."
On the steps of the "Old School", dignitaries spoke, honorees gathered, and the townspeople, young and old, mingled to reflect upon the struggle of a few, who saved this building from being demolished several decades ago, to the tremendous dedication of the many present, who fought to revitalize its use as a Town Hall.


The Cranbury Public Library, founded in 1906, was housed at the former Cranbury Press building at 13 North Main Street and later at the Colonial House (formerly known as the American Hotel) on Scott Ave. In 1924 the Public Library was invited to move its facility to the Cranbury School, where it is now located in a large room in conjunction with the School Library, an arrangement unique in New Jersey.

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